fotoPEN emerged in England in 1921 to promote friendship and cooperation between the writers of the world. The historic events that  followed demonstrate the importance of this international nation of the word in which writers defend writers.

            The acronym of the organization refers to Poets, Essayists and Novelists and, of course, to the instrument, today practically in disuse due to the proliferation of the  keyboard, with which one writes: the pen. Today’s PEN gathers in centers that extend in over 100 countries, , all of whom dedicate themselves to writing: journalists, bloggers, tweeters, historians, chroniclers…

Our center, PEN México was one of the first to subscribe to the International organization and excepting very brief periods of silence, we have followed the tradition without interruption. Today our task is more important than ever due to the enormous vulnerability in which journalists work in México. We invite you to accompany us and to join  your voice to ours in favour of freedom of speech and the free community of thought.